Asscher Cut Diamond (Square Emerald Cut)


The square emerald cut diamond is also known as the Asscher cut. The square emerald cut was developed in 1902, during the beginning of the Art Deco period in the early 20th century, and was named after its creator, Joseph Asscher, the owner of the Amsterdam-based diamond company, the Asscher Diamond Company. It was inspired by the table cuts of the Renaissance.

Square Emerald Diamond Cut

Unique for its deep corners which provide the illusion of an octagon, the square emerald cut has a unique sparkle. It is a 57-facet diamond and has a square, step-cut shape which was the forerunner of the later emerald cut diamond. It has large step-cut facets, which are generally larger than those of the emerald cut. It is known for its deep pavilion, faceted culet, high crown and small table. This combination generally gives it more brilliance than that of the emerald cut.

Like the emerald cut, the square emerald has trimmed corners. It has an ideal length to width ration of 1 to 1. The pavilion is faceted in a ‘scissor cut’ fashion, in which the step is used to facet the pavilion down to the culet.

The broad, flat-faceted step-cut of the square emerald cut diamond allows for tremendous lustre, but it will also illuminate any flaws the stone may have.

When choosing the square emerald cut, it is best to select a diamond of high clarity and colour grading. Inclusions can be seen more easily in an emerald or square emerald cut than in other cuts. The square emerald cut is designed to bring out inner fire, while its small table and high crown bring out more fire and scintillation.

The square emerald cut was developed at a time when the round brilliant cut diamond was the most common and most desired diamond shape. Its unique appearance set it apart, and it appealed to those who wanted something out of the ordinary, but still beautiful and refined. Today, the square emerald cut is celebrated for its ‘vintage’ appeal and unusual characteristics, and for many women it is a welcome alternative to the traditional round and square cut diamonds that dominate the market.


The square emerald cut is cut is for those who wish to express a sense of elegance and beauty. The square emerald cut is a typical example of an old diamond cut that never went out of style, and thanks to its timeless beauty, is as popular today as when it was first created. This diamond cut was worn by royal families and aristocrats, and as a result, many square emerald cut diamonds have been passed down as family heirlooms. While not a traditional choice for an engagement ring, the square emerald cut diamond adds an element of individuality to your ring.