Criss Cut Diamond


The criss cut diamond is a new variation of the emerald cut diamond, which is known for its step-cut design. It has more facets than a regular cut emerald diamond, resulting in superior fire and brilliance.

The criss cut diamond shape is a patented cut created by Christopher Slowinski. The name does not refer to its creator, but rather to the crisscrossed facets in the diamond.

Criss Cut Diamond Facets

The beauty of the criss cut diamond lies in the various step-like facets that cross each other in a crisscross fashion. The criss cut diamond is elongated in shape with trimmed corners. It typically has 77 facets that appear crisscross in the diamond and the stone tends to be shallower than princess cut or emerald cut diamonds.

A criss cut diamond, equal in weight to a diamond of another cut, would typically appear larger, as its surface area (viewed from the top) will be larger. This is because it does not carry the added weight that other diamonds such as the princess cut, have in their depth. The criss cut is a shallower diamond, so a larger carat weight will have a direct impact on the size of its surface area. The crisscross fashion of the facets is also thought to give the impression of a larger stone.

The criss cut diamond is expertly crafted to maximise the stone’s brilliance, scintillation and light dispersion. To achieve this unique cut, triangular facets are applied to the steps in the pavilion of the diamond. The facets continually bounce light off one another, bringing mesmerising life to the diamond. The criss cut gives new dimension to the traditional emerald and baguette-shaped stones, by maximising fire and brilliance.

The criss cut diamond is more forgiving in clarity quality, which means that diamonds of a lower clarity grading can be used, without their inclusions being emphasised by the cut of the stone. An emerald cut rough diamond is used for criss cut. The extra facets required for this intricate cut waste more of the rough diamond than that which is wasted for a traditional emerald cut.

The criss cut diamond offers timeless beauty and elegance. A unique cut with a beautiful display of light, it is a stunning choice for a unique and mesmerising engagement ring.