Princess Cut Diamonds


The princess cut was first developed in the 1960s, but was later perfected and named ‘princess cut’ in around 1980-1981. A relatively new shape in the world of diamonds, this cut is considered very modern and contemporary. It is thought that its name ‘princess cut’ came about because the shape is so beautiful, that it is fit for modern-day royalty.

A princess cut diamond is square in shape and can have up to 78 facets. When looked at from the side, it appears to resemble the shape of an inverted pyramid. It is a popular diamond for engagement rings, and is the most popular of all the fancy cut diamond shapes.

Princess Cut Diamond Facets

The princess cut must have a deep cut, giving greater weight to the pavilion, a relatively slim girdle and pointed corners. If not set well, and not looked after well, these corners can easily be chipped. The setting for this shape requires that V-shaped prongs are used to hold the body securely while protecting the corners. The cut requires master craftsmanship, as the way the stone is cut can either result in delicate and intricate facets of light, or a slightly chunkier appearance, depending on the cutter’s intention.

Compared to the round brilliant cut where up to 50% of the rough stone is lost when cutting a round brilliant shape, around 80% of the rough stone is retained when cutting a princess shape. It thus has a very good yield from the rough, making it a more economical choice.

It is technically known as the ‘square modified brilliant cut’ and is considered a square version of the traditional round brilliant cut, because it displays numerous sparkling facets.

It sparkles so much, in fact, that it is thought to meet the round brilliant cut in terms of its levels of brilliance and fire. The end result of the princess cut shape is a diamond that has the brilliance of the round brilliant, but with a different overall appeal.

The square shape of this cut is associated with the personality traits of independence, audacity and confidence. Thanks to its beauty, brilliance and striking appearance, it’s not difficult to understand why the princess cut diamond has become such a popular cut among modern day brides.


The princess cut has a stylish and chic appearance. Its clean lines and angles make it an elegant choice. With an ever-growing market of women who want something alternative to the classic round brilliant cut, the princess cut offers an edgy yet still sophisticated alternative.

For those who prefer the square shape of the princess cut diamond, consider the Shimansky patented My Girl diamond.